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Abigail Shaine was born in Boston, Massachusetts and spent most of her years growing up in Manchester, New Hampshire.  She graduated from Yale University cum laude and then went on to Boston University School of Law, from which she graduated magna cum laude.  She spent many years practicing law in Washington, D.C., where she practiced both with government agencies and in private practice.  She returned to New Hampshire to raise her daughter in 2001.  She has twenty years of experience working in the area of financial fraud, including a significant period of time addressing the needs of victims, many elderly.  Most recently she served as Special Counsel to the NH State Bank Commissioner in his capacity as Liquidator of a trust company, in connection with which, she helped victims of a ponzi scheme and life insurance fraud recover funds they had invested.  She now focuses her private practice on helping fraud victims, with a focus on elderly fraud victims and on Medicaid planning and the application process. 

Attorney Shaine lives in Bedford.  Her law office is in Manchester where she helps those living in the Queen City and the surrounding area.

Shaine is licensed to practice in New Hampshire and in the District of Columbia. She is also a member of the National Academy of Elder Lawyers (NAELA).

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