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Aging in D.C. Legal Institute

Recently, I attended the D.C. Bar’s inaugural Aging in D.C. Legal Institute to supplement the education of lawyers about issues affecting the aging population. I am a member of both the D.C. and New Hampshire Bars, so this was a program of which I became aware and wanted to attend. The conference dealt in depth on a multitude of issues, including Medicaid planning and qualification, and financial fraud schemes to which the elderly may be exposed.


The Medicaid part of the program dealt with some of the basics of application preparation, but the most interesting part of this presentation occurred when people had a chance to ask questions. It was enlightening to hear people talk about various problems they had encountered when preparing applications for their clients and share ideas on how to handle them. There was a lot of expertise among the attendees.


The financial fraud program segment reviewed some of the common schemes that senior encounter and highlighted red flags that a family member, friend, or trusted advisor can look for to spot when someone has been the victim of an illegal scheme. The program also presented guidance on how to talk with fraud victims considering the trauma they have experienced to maximize the opportunity to learn the information you need when advising such a victim.

In Conclusion

Throughout the conference, teams of experts from many different disciplines, including psychologists, social workers, law enforcement, and lawyers, came together to enrich the knowledge of the attendees. Of course, some of the details of the laws discussed would vary by state, so I added my own knowledge with respect to the applicable laws in New Hampshire, as the focus of my practice is here. Nonetheless, the majority of what I learned was applicable in any jurisdiction. Certainly many portions of the conference covered familiar ground, but I gained a lot of new insight as well.

DC Bar's recap of the Institute

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